Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have moved to

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I wanted to write something.I used about 15 minute to think
what I wanted to say..
And guess what,I only spend 2 second to erase all and type this
out..Well,there goes 15 minute of my life.

It happens because I love you,not because I hate you or love
picking a fight.But will you actually understands it??I guess not.
This is why non of my relationship get to last..LOL..

"You Belong With Me"

Friday, September 4, 2009

It is said that from the moment we are born until
we die,we will meet 30000 people.

Among them whom we meet at school and work
are 3000.

The people who are close to us are 300.

I'm glad to have you in my 300.

p.s. The first 3 sentence sounds familiar??

Friday, August 7, 2009

-I'm still alive
-3 more months to go
-I'm still slacking
-I'm officially sick
-I'm feeling tired
-I'm feeling sleepy
-I'm typing nonsense
-Now,I'm going to bed

I really hope you would stop doubting yourself.I really
think you're great and I'm glad to have you by my side.
And even happier knowing you're stuck with me

Friday, July 24, 2009

New things happen,old events remains as memory.
I like how events begin to unfold now.My only wish is
that it will not be a dream I have to wake up sooner
or later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I guess it's not fun anymore
maybe because
I had given it to you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The name St.John Institution once gave birth to some of the great leaders in Malaysia today.Our very own YDP Najib our Prime Minister was once a student in SJI.Another was Hishamuddin.Anyone don't know him?It's okay.It's not that important.

The point is the name SJI was once the name of a prestigious school in Malaysia and what is VI compare to SJI back then.Sometimes its really great to listen to the older generation brag how great SJI WAS and laugh about it when you experienced how is SJI TODAY.

Like many of us,we are all proud to call ourself Johannian and possesses the Johannian Spirit.Well I'm including myself in this case but the truth is,how many of us actually know what is the true meaning of Johannian Spirit?Try asking any so called Johannian,see how many turn mute upon hearing such question.

In the past,this school was more famous for its co-curiculum achievement.If you walk along the portico,there are dozens of trophy showing our achievement in the past.Yes it is the reason we got into the group of 'Cluster School of Excellence".And yet,ever since the changing of principle in the year 2002,students are forced to concentrate on academics almost too much that some might have to abandon sports.Ridiculous??Welcome to SJI,a school that have at least 2 times examination a month.

A case in point,after a 7 year streak U-18 basketball team manage to get a gold at Zone Keramat,we manage to get a silver this year,2009.A memorable year where tradition is broken,winning streak was stopped.The best part,U-15.Lets put it simple,its like watching a bunch of dwarf tossing the ball around.Another was scrabble,EVERY YEAR without fail since long long time ago,we always make it to the national after dominating in KL and last year 2008 we FAILED.

Academically,it's definately going down the drain.With more failures and less A achievers,no doubt setting up more exam is an epic failure.The best part is all the experienced a great teachers of SJI are 1 by 1 leaving us.Earlier of last year,Pn.Norbani a very good math/add math teacher left us for VI.This year,another one just left us.Cik Aziah,the only teacher so far that can control the From 3 little kids.Mr.David a dedicated and devoted johannian gonna be spending his final year in SJI.

I guess now it's safe to say,SJI is definately going downhill from now on.The chance of reviving this very ancient school seems almost impossible or rather it is impossible at this point.There is just too much event that holding down SJI from rising to the top again.But the main prob is definately him.Someone who can't speak english nor malay well and yet still talking is the main contributer of this downfall.Someone who can always find a way to demotivate a student.I salute him,the reason.,the contributer,the cause and the creater of this EPIC FAILURE.

There is another guy who talked about it.This is just a continuation or maybe it's just from my point of view.Check it out HERE

Anyone who has different point of view can always write about it.It's nice looking SJI from a different point of view.